How to Get Help from Manning Law Firm

Have you been accused of a crime? Manning Law’s experienced criminal defense attorneys are here to help.

Email or Call Us

Please be ready to provide details about your situation so we can determine if we can help you or refer you to another type of lawyer or service to address your issue(s). Everything you write or tell us is confidential even in the event you decide not to hire us or if we cannot help you.

What if I have already been arrested or charged with a crime?

Please tell us what you were charged with and provide any paperwork you received as a result. If you lost or don’t have your paperwork, don’t worry, we can get copies.

What happens next?

If we determine we can help you, schedule a phone conference or come into the office for further discussion. Depending upon how complicated your situation is, it may be best to meet in person in the comfort and confidential space of our offices.

How much will it cost?

The initial consultation is free.

After we learn about your situation, we will set a fee for our legal services and discuss any other costs we anticipate may arise during the course of representation, including court costs, fines, expert witness fees, etc.

We look forward to helping you!

Thomas C. Manning
The content on this page was reviewed by Manning Law Firm, PLLC partner Thomas C. Manning. You can learn more about Thomas's experience and expertise on his bio page.