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Child Sexual Abuse or Assault in NC: Before And After An Accusation

Accusations of sexual abuse, sexual assault or physical abuse or assault on a minor child in North Carolina are extremely serious and require immediate attention from the accused, and decisive action from his or her attorney.

Before: Two Most Common Forms Of Child Abuse Accusations

There are many different forms of child abuse accusations, but here are the two most common:

Accusations During Marital or Other Relationship Break-ups

One partner or spouse will accuse the other of sexual, physical abuse or assault of a child or children in order to gain an advantage against the other. Often, the children become pawns in the dispute of the adults.

Statement from a Child

A child may make a remark at school, daycare or doctor’s office. The childcare or healthcare provider is required by law to report the allegation to law enforcement immediately.

After: Immediately Following A Child Abuse Accusation

After an accusation, law enforcement in North Carolina will follow these three steps:

  1. Officials Determine Child Safety: Law enforcement and the Department of Social Services (DSS) and/or Child Protective Services (CPS) must immediately respond to and investigate reports of child abuse to determine the safety of the child and the underlying facts surrounding the report, or outcry, of the minor.
  2. Arrest / Investigation: Depending on the situation, law enforcement may make an arrest or begin an investigation.
  3. Officials Determine Child Custody: DSS OR CPS may determine that the child or children should be taken into protective custody or expel the accused parent or partner from the home pending further investigation.

After: Selecting A Child Abuse Attorney In North Carolina

NC criminal defense attorney consults with client regarding Child Abuse case.

The very first thing you should do after being accused of child abuse in North Carolina is hire an attorney. Here are the key attributes to look for in your lawyer:

  • Wealth of experience with child abuse charges
  • Proven track record in defense litigation
  • Resourceful team ready to fight for you

Our attorneys at Manning Law Firm are experienced, proven and skilled in handling these types of situations. We will advise and assist the accused with all aspects of the case, including:

  • Gathering the necessary information
  • Consulting expert child psychologists to evaluate the prosecution’s work with the alleged victim
  • Reviewing medical, educational, and psychological information on the child and the accusing adult
  • Evaluating the accuracy and validity of DSS/CPS investigation and methodology

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