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Depending on the details of the crime, conspiracy may be considered a state or federal charge. By definition, a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to do something against the law.

Many people who are charged with conspiracy may be riding in the same car as someone who has broken the law, without knowledge or involvement in the other person’s crime. Some who are charged happen to merely be present in a house when police or agents come in. If they find contraband belonging to someone else, they may charge everyone in the house. Others may be charged if they are members of a business or firm which has cheated or stolen money, or other things of value from customers, but had no knowledge that their coworkers were committing the crime.

How will Manning Law Firm, PLLC help you fight your conspiracy case?

The key to defending conspiracy cases is that each case is fact-specific; the facts of the case and how they apply, or don’t apply, to our clients is the key to finding the correct defense. As in other serious criminal matters, investigation and finding out the relevant and important facts about the case, along with the client’s facts, make it possible to either: extract the client from the case, reduce his or her culpability, or show law enforcement the evidence that will clear our client and shine light on the real culprit.

At Manning Law Firm, we are focused on our clients’ interests and getting the facts straight. We are also committed to extraction of the client, or obtaining the best possible outcome for the client in the matter. We investigate, negotiate, prepare and try conspiracy cases in state and federal courts. If you are under investigation or have already been charged, call us and we will get right to work investigating your case and working for the best outcome.

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