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If you are served with a federal grand jury subpoena to appear and testify, or to appear and produce records or other items to the grand jury, you should always consult with a criminal defense attorney, such as Manning Law Firm. Likewise, if your bank or other entity notifies you that your records in their system have been subpoenaed, you should consult with criminal defense counsel about it so that inquiry can be made into the particulars of the investigation.

If the United States Attorney is using the grand jury process to gather information concerning you, or seeking your appearance before the grand jury, you are being investigated, and you should immediately consult with Manning Law Firm. First, direct us to begin the process of gathering information about the investigation so that we can determine the best course of action to take on your behalf. We use this as an effort to reduce or eliminate the threat, or to determine a strategy to meet the potential (or actual) threat to you and fashion a path through to a desirable outcome for you.

How will Manning Law Firm, PLLC help?

At Manning Law Firm, PLLC, we have years of experience handling federal grand jury matters for clients, including Tom Manning’s experience as a federal prosecutor early in his career.

Appearing alone at a grand jury is dangerous and not recommended, as the rules are different. Only prosecutors are allowed in the grand jury room, and defense counsel needs to be close at all time to answer questions, or devise a strategy where the client does not have to testify before the grand jury at all — except under carefully controlled circumstances. Experience, knowledge and preparation are keys to arriving at the appropriate strategy for handling grand jury subpoenas.

Finally, if a situation arises where the prosecutor insists that you appear and testify, then Manning Law Firm’s attorneys can give you focused advice as to when to speak, when not to speak, and when to invoke your constitutional right relating to self-incrimination, and how to properly and legally refuse to answer questions. Federal law pertaining to waiver of privilege is complicated and precise. Knowing when to speak, when to answer, and when to refuse to answer while invoking the right against self-incrimination has to be done on a question by question basis.

You simply have to have a knowledgeable counsel right there who can advise you every step of the way.  The same problems and challenges occur when you are served with a grand jury subpoena. Many times the agents who serve the subpoena attempt to interview subjects and targets during service. Every answer and statement made to an agent can be used against you.

If you are served, do not engage in conversation, call Manning Law Firm and let us advise and guide you through this process.

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