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If you receive a letter from the United States Attorney, either by having a federal agent put it in your hand, or by mail, you need to take immediate action.

What is a subject letter?

A “subject letter” comes from the prosecutor and informs the recipient that he/she/organization is a SUBJECT in a federal investigation. In the real world, the use of the word “subject” means that you are either (a) being investigated as a potential target or defendant in a federal investigation; or (b) you are a person of interest as a potential witness from whom the Government wants information either about you or about the subject matter which it thinks you have knowledge. This could result in your being charged or the prosecutor may believe you have information, which may further its investigation.

What is a target letter?

A “target letter” has different meaning. A target letter usually comes to you at a time where the United States Attorney has selected you for prosecution, and is notifying you that it has made the decision to charge you, but is giving you a short amount of time to obtain counsel and meet with the prosecution to either (a) convince the prosecutors why they have the wrong idea about you, or (b) to negotiate with the prosecution in relation to possible cooperation in exchange for a lesser charge or a more favorable sentencing opportunity.

What do I do if I receive a subject letter or target letter from the United States Attorney?

In either a subject letter situation or a target letter situation, it is crucial that you retain counsel who offers experience in federal investigations, negotiation and trials, to advise, counsel and assist you in dealing with the prosecutors. The attorneys at Manning Law Firm, PLLC have more than 40 years’ experience, including prior federal prosecutorial experience, in handling this type of intensive investigative matter.

In dealing with federal agents, federal prosecutors and federal grand jury matters, every word spoken and every decision made along the way is important. Making an informed decision and making the right decision at every step are both crucial in making the effort to avoid indictment, or if not, to achieve the best possible outcome given the circumstances.

Whatever the circumstances are surrounding your receipt of a subject letter or target letter, contact us and we will counsel, assist, defend and provide guidance for you through the matter. We will work knowledgeably, in a determined manner, to achieve the best possible outcome for you or your organization. In our experience, when an investigation reaches the subject letter or target letter stage, there is no possible way for a person without adequate experience and knowledge, to talk his or her way out.

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