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Speeding In North Carolina: A Crash Course On NC Traffic Laws

According to the Garner Police Department, over 1,200 car wrecks occurred in Garner in 2014, 200 of which listed speeding as a contributing factor. Such startling spikes in faster, more reckless driving forced the Garner police to start cracking down on US-70 speeders this year. But what does that mean for you?

What the law says about your ticket

The stats above suggest a large number of drivers are unaware of the consequences behind even the most minor traffic violations. That’s why the sharp traffic defense attorneys at the Manning Law Firm want to share some fundamental general and legal knowledge about speeding that every driver should know:

  • You need a lawyer. Most people think they don’t need a lawyer when they get a traffic violation, but you’re driving blind if you handle it alone. For traffic violations big and small, you need an experienced attorney with the intellect to help you navigate the available legal avenues and achieve the best possible outcome for you.
  • Losing your license is all too easy. Believe it or not, various NC statutes mandate a loss of driving privileges if you:
    • participate in a prearranged race with another vehicle
    • speed over 75 mph, pass a stopped school bus
    • drive more than 15 mph over the speed limit at a speed higher than 55 mph
    • get a DWI
    • many other uncommon violations
  • NC roads are getting more crowded by the day. The bigger NC cities, like Raleigh and Charlotte, are growing rapidly, and more residents means more traffic. The spike in drivers on the road makes speeding even more dangerous. Cops understand this fact as well, and are directing more attention towards speeding on major roadways.

Smarter drivers make safer drivers and safer roads

Speeding has always been dangerous, but it’s even more risky today. Furthermore, the legal consequences are getting worse because of the higher risk speeders pose to those around them. Click here for more information about NC traffic laws.

Let the experts handle your case

We’re committed to making NC roadways safer, but you shouldn’t lose your license just because you chose to handle your case without a lawyer. If you’ve received a traffic violation of any degree, contact Manning Law Firm immediately to handle your case the right way.

Taylor Manning
The content on this page was reviewed by Manning Law Firm, PLLC partner Taylor Manning. You can learn more about Taylor's experience and expertise on his bio page.