Raleigh Child Pornography Lawyers

Charged with Child Pornography – Now What?

If you are under investigation for child pornography charges or if law enforcement questions you about your internet use, contact a knowledgeable child pornography lawyer immediately. Your future could depend on it.

The child pornography lawyers at Manning Law Firm have long-term and varied experience in child pornography investigations, negotiations and trials, as well as sentencing phases of child pornography investigations and cases in both state and federal courts.

What if I’m accused of child pornography, but didn’t do it?

The experienced attorneys at Manning Law Firm understand that innocent people are accused of crimes frequently. Child pornography offenses are complex matters, which means they need an experienced lawyer.

If you find yourself blindsided by an investigation for possession, creation or distribution of child pornography, Manning Law Firm’s child pornography lawyers can assist you in:

  1. Determining the scope of any precise allegations or type of investigation
  2. Understanding the authority(ies) primarily involved (local, state or F.B.I, DHS/ICE, Secret Service, etc.)
  3. Providing you with an accurate assessment of your situation
  4. Devising and executing a strategy to work toward the ideal outcome of your individual situation.

Why should I hire the child pornography attorneys at Manning Law Firm?

We have more than 40 years of experience in federal grand jury and trial experience, which has provided us with extensive knowledge of the federal trial courts and state trial courts. We provide focused, knowledgeable and determined effort to assess, advise, plan and execute a specific defense strategy for each client in order to achieve the most appropriate outcome for the client.

What Is a Child Pornography Charge in North Carolina?

Child Pornography offenses in North Carolina are deemed by both State and Federal courts as one of the most serious crimes you can commit. The offenses include:

  • Possession of child pornography
  • Downloading child pornography from the internet
  • Swapping or trading child pornography between individuals or other “collectors” of child pornography
  • Transferring other media and saving or collecting child pornography

If you have been charged with Child Pornography or suspect you might be soon, you need an experienced attorney that is ready to fight for you. Don’t wait – call Manning Law Firm today.

Child Pornography Sentences in NC

If convicted, a child pornography sentence will typically depend on:

  • Number of images or video clips of prepubescent children
  • The content of the images or videos
  • Degree of manipulation of the material (any evidence of saving, re-sending, downloading, or creating material)

Common Defenses to a Child Pornography Charge

Lack of Evidence

If there is a lack of evidence surrounding your case, the charges against you could be dropped. For example, courts have dismissed child pornography charges because there was not enough evidence to prove that the defendant viewed or otherwise possessed child pornography.

Establishing this defense requires the use of forensic specialists to identify the reasons for the presence of the material without your knowledge.

Accidental Possession

Sometimes, there is a question of accidental vs. knowing possession. Child pornography cases have been dismissed because the prosecution could not prove that the defendant knew or intended to possess sexually explicit content.

However, accidental downloading of child pornography requires self-reporting to authorities, an investigation and a determination. While self-reporting does not bar prosecution, it does give the prosecutor discretion not to pursue the case.

Fight For Your Future

Do not speak to law enforcement agents before contacting the child pornography defense attorneys at Manning Law Firm. Your future could depend on it. Call us or schedule a free consultation immediately to begin your defense.

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